We Cried

 By: Our Brother in One of Jehad Land

We cried when our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives were raped right in front of our very own eyes
The day when we were forced to watch this so-called ?Entertainment Show-

We cried when we saw them lying helplessly on the floor
All bruised and injured as tears streamed down their fragile cheeks

We cried when they could not and would not even look at us in the eye
Slowly yet gradually their separation grew from their husbands, brothers and fathers

They did not know what to say
Or what to do
Confusion swarmed in their heads

They would sit quietly in the house
In the corner of the room
Starring in to space

-Angry Indeed They Were-
Questioning themselves:
?Why Me? Why! Why! Why!?

Revenge is embedded in their hearts
As the anger grows
The need to kill those who raped them grows

They never lost faith or Tawakkul in Allah (Jallalahu)
They knew He (SWT) will reward them with something better than what they have in this Duniya
That they will feel purified when in Jannah
-Insha?Allahu Ta?aala-

We cried when our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons were tortured, abused and murdered right in front of our very own eyes
We could hear them screaming:

We cried as they [The Kaafirs] slowly peeled the flesh of our conscious brothers, sons and husbands and from the naked body of our fathers

We cried as we heard their screams of agony
-In Pain They Were Indeed-
But even when being brutally tortured by the Shayateen
They continuously glorified Allah (SWT)
Never did they forget Him (SWT)
Always had faith and indeed Tawakkul in Him (SWT)

We cried the day our baby brothers, sisters, sons and daughters
-Those Innocent Innocent Children-
Were raped, bombed and shot at

What was their crime?
Only that they [The Children] would follow in the footsteps of their Mujahid fathers
In the footsteps of their Shaheed parents

But I will never come to know as to why these dirty hypocrites would want to rape a child!!!!

These Kaafirs fear Muslim children
You see when one stone is thrown at them [the Kaafirs]
It will feel like bullets being shot at them blank point
Right in their dirty infested hearts

Little children getting arrested
And getting sent to the Israeli cells
These little kids
Who have not yet matured
Some who have not yet even been potty trained
Who should be with their mothers
Are instead locked behind bars

We cried the day the Kaafirs separated us from our families
Took away our dignity
Killed our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters
And put our kids in jail

We cried as we helplessly watched the Kaafirs mutilate the bodies of al-Shaheed
We watched on with tears streaming down our face as they played with the bodies of al-Shaheed
By sticking cigarettes in their mouths
By cutting them up
And taking their organs out

-What a Sick, Sad and Indeed Twisted Sight it is and Was-

But you know what ?
We have cried way too much
We have sat quietly long enough
We must unite and take our lands back
Take back what rightly belongs to us

We must destroy the Kufaar
We must make them tremble with fear
We must get them out of our lands
And show them the unity of the Muslims
-That Indeed we are One-

Too many tears have indeed been shed
Now it is the time to shed the Kaafirs Blood

Sourche: Ar Rahmah Forum